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Franchise of One! International toddler-care centers, preschools and kindergartens which earns you from 400 K per month!

Guaranteed high rates of ROI Payback period – from 6 months

Natapov Maxim, the founder of One! International School toddler childcare centres and preschools

To successfully invest in education, one needs to rock. In other words, one must be able to rise above the moment, be visionary, and think globally. One needs money, readiness to take it slow and to meet hotshots and mavens and a desire to leave behind them something really important and valuable...

 If you possess all these traits, you should consider investment in education.

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What makes OIS franchise more beneficial than the others?

Bookkeeping and CRM

The superior bookkeeping system is included in the franchise package. Given the pre-launch set of activities, our centers and preschools already have clients and earn money from Day 1. already opened immediately with clients a.

Our Premises and the Premises of Our Partners

We belong to those few business enterprises which provide their own premises or the ones of their partners for chilcare centres and preschools.  



mln. children

aged below 6 years


of parents

with an income exceeding 150 000 rubles


bln. rubles

per year

Media coverage

Professions of the Future. How We Can Help Our Children.

 Maxim Natapov / 23.11.2016

One! toddler-care centers, preschools and kindergartens conception

Learn more from the story broadcast on Channel One Russia

Investment calculation



Tuition fees

Once-off lump sum 


Payback period

Income over 5 years

from 4.5 mln rubles

400-1000 m2

60 K rubles

1.5 mln


6-9 moths

24 mln rubles


the calculation

Bilingual Education

Bilingual education is a program of instruction designed to allow a child to become part of the global community through the interaction in two languages, a native and a foreign one, with a foreign language being an equally important instrument of understanding the world, acquiring knowledge and learning more about the cultural and historical heritage and peculiarities of various countries and peoples.

Advertising and Call-center

We use only effective and powerful tools to promote ourselves on the Internet. We create a separate site for each centre or preschool and launch advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google adjusted to meet its needs. Corporate call-center experts will provide you with customers.

Investing in education is a great idea. Investing in international education is an even greater idea. Investing in international education adjusted to train for careers in the professions of the future is the greatest idea! And it is unique as practically no one does it, except us!

Helping to Find Investors

Only our partners have access to special loan products and investment programs. After the launch, we shall help to get a subsidy to partly compensate for the expenses.

Full assistance guaranteed at each stage

We are not looking for mere franchisees. We are looking for full-fledged partners and manage a successful business together!


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The franchise essentially aims to provide training to over 3,000 graduates for them to enter the world's

best universities and colleges


Our mission is to prepare children for a global future since a very early age, taking into account individual characteristics and projected global changes. 


The curriculum is primarily aimed at training students to help them enter the leading international universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Oxford. 


International education, individual approach to each child, cutting-edge techniques, modern teaching methods, special environment, happy and knowledgeable children. 

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in total


mln rubles

our annual income






of premises

Are you ambitious? Do you want to run your own business? Are you ready to strive for best results?

If you answered “YES” to all questions, welcome to One! International School team

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